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Mom, Wife, Entrepreneur.

I’m a mom. I’m a wife. I’m an entrepreneur. My life is chaotic and my brain occasionally follows. So bear with me!

This blog is the start of yet another adventure, or rather an adventure within an adventure. Which is funny, really, because I’ve never been one for adventures... growing up that was always my brother. He liked trying new things. I liked predictability and plans. I still do; yet, here I am. And ironically, I married a guy who thrives on spontaneity and “playing it by ear.” I guess it’s a good thing we balance each other out or I probably wouldn’t be here writing this now.

Backstory: as far back as I can remember, I’ve had an entrepreneurial itch...

At 8 years old I sold chicken eggs at church. At 11 years old I started a lawn mowing company. At 13 years old I handed out fliers for my babysitting business. In highschool I joined Junior Achievements and drafted a business plan for a coffee shop. In college I started a business editing papers and a business as a personal shopper. And even after that I had a doula business, an essential oil business, and a children’s book company.


Someone once called me a “Renaissance Woman” because I’ve done a little bit of everything. But in retrospect I just don’t think I had the right support.

Six months ago my brother, Casey, dropped his grown-up job to chase an adventure. That brought him to my driveway in Kentucky where he and I, along with my husband, Paul, decided to start a coffee truck... The Rooster’s Whistle, a mobile coffee company.

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